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Sedona - Llama Loop Trail

Rating *****
length 6.9 mile - 3 hour 15 minutes (round trip). Easy.
Height 4370 - 4500 feet
Access All Cars, all paved. Chappel Road (at point 1) (left) or at the Chappel (end of the road) at the parking lot (busy).
Other Trails Connects to: Courthouse Butte trail and Broken arrow loop trail
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  • A varied trail with different, but always beautiful red rock surroundings.
    Starting this trail at a small parking lot on the left side of Chapel Road [1].
    Head down Antelope Drive, Lynx Drive, Badger drive, Indian Cliffs Road. Before reaching the highway turn sharp left [2] and head for the Bell Rock Pathway, in the direction of Bell Rock.(southeasterly)
    Close to Courthouse Butte follow the Courthouse Butte Loop [5] to the left.
    Go to Llama trail to the left after 0.1 Mile [6]. Don't miss the unmarked trail to the right [7] leading up to Llama after 0.3 Mile and don't follow the Courthouse Butte Loop.
    Follow the Llama Trail for 1.4 Mile in a generally northwesterly direction along mountains to the right.
    Follow the Llama Trail a bit to the right and don't go on the unmarked trail to the west (Left, leading back to the Bell Rock Pathway).
    Follow the Llama trail 1 Mile until reaching Little Horse Trail [8] and head right in a northeasterly direction.
    After 0.5 mile reaching the crossing to the Chapel [9, Chapel trail] and go left in the northwesterly direction.(If you reach a fence you gone too fare). After 0.7 Mile the Chapel parking lot [10] is reached.
    Follow Chapel Road downhill to the start.

    One of my favorites.

    Llama loop trail

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