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Prescott - 37 Little Granite Mountains Trail

Rating *****
length 7.5 mile - 4 hour 10 minutes (round trip). Hard.
Height 6020 - 6560 - 5600 - 6550 feet
Access All Cars, all paved. On Iron Springs road, park in the parking area on the right hand side. Mile 6, west of Prescott
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  • The trail starts at the parking area away from the road (north) on trail 37. Going up to the highest point of the hike we meet our trip back at the crossing [3].
    Going strait ahead, a bit to the left, downhill on a somewhat difficult path.
    Lots of granite boulders around and at point 4 at a crossing follow 37 (alternatively on a longer loop take 38 to the left, next 39 to the right, 39 to the right and reach point 5).
    Reaching point 5 at the foot of Granite Mountain go right on 261. (or go up strait ahead on the 261 up granite mountain. (one way).
    Going in the direction of Granite Basin Lake (southeasterly) on the 261 on a easy walk to the “Lake”.
    No lake to be found in October 2008. At point 7 go southwesterly on the 349 becoming 40 all the way up to point 3, and back to the beginning of the hike.

    Little Granite Mointain Trail

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