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Tucson - Thunderbird - Gia Monster - Coyote Pass - Brittle Bush Loop

Rating *****
length 6.7 mile - 3 hour 15 minutes (round trip). Moderate.
Height 2430 - 2900 feet
Access All Cars, Access from El Camino del Cerro. There is a parking at the trail head.
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  • Nice loop, lots of cacti and not much climbing.

    Take the trail and at the crossing go right on the Thunderbird trail.
    When you reach the mine (fenced of rock), go on an unmarked trail left (north west) (there may be some markings made by previous hikers).
    At the next unmarked crossing (point H) go strait on. Left is the return from Brittle Bush Trail.
    The following unmarked crossing (point J ) (left to Cactus Canyon trail) go strait on the Gila Monster Trail (we didn't find any).

    Now the trail becomes mostly a sandy wash, and is all of a sudden well marked.
    Go on the marked trail Coyote Pass Trail on the left (Point K, a bit in the scrubs).
    At the end of Coyote Pass Trail go left on Picture Rocks wash trail.
    Turn left on Brittle Bush Trail to complete the loop.
    At the end go right on the same trail you came from.


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