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Tucson - Sweetwater - King Canyon - Wasson Peak

Rating *****
length 8.8 mile - 4 hour 30 minutes (round trip). Moderate.
Height 2790 - 4670 feet
Access All Cars, Start at the El Camino del Cerro. There is a parking at the trail head. Busy in weekends, mostly empty on weekdays..
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  • Climb to the Wasson Peak, with nice views.

    Turn left on Sweetwater. At the crossing with King Canyon turn right uphill.
    At the crossing to Wasson Peak turn right.

    The trail is well marked and in good shape.
    No shade on this hike and the climb is a lot harder with higher temperatures.
    In early May 2009 we started in the low 70 and ended in the middle 90's

    There is no fee on this parking lot, as the trail starts outside the park.


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    Hiking Tucson - Sweetwater - King Canyon - Wasson Peak Arizona, Hike with gps, gpx and kml (Google Earth).