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Tucson - Picacho Peak

Rating *****
length 7.4 mile - 4 hour 20 minutes (round trip). Moderate/more difficult.
Height 1780 - 3400 feet
Access All Cars, Picacho Peak State Park, Free +$7 / car. WARNING: the park may be closed.
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  • This hike is part hiking part climbing.

    There are two approaches to the top. Hunter and Sunset, the first being the shortest is the most popular.
    The Sunset is longer because of the longer easy approach.
    The Sunset starts easy and shortly after Photo 7 2 start climbing.
    At point ladder 1 the first ladder, 2 steel cables, for the first steep climb.

    Shortly thereafter you can easyly miss the Hunter crossing uphill.
    The trail continues to the right. A serous climb with a number of cables to pull you up the steep rock-face.

    Reaching the summit is less spectacular, it's busy and noisy, because of the highway and the rail nearby.

    Go down to the crossing with Hunter.
    The Hunter trail first turns down on a narrow gravel/rock trail.
    This part has no cables so be careful.

    After the short descent go uphill, a steep climb sometimes secured with cables, but not as steep as the trail to the top.
    This part looks really difficult and slippery when you come down. But as we are going up thats less of a problem.

    Once on the saddle the trail winds down. Nothing very steep, but slippery. There are cables but mostly on places where you don't need them. And on places where you would like them they are.....

    Nothing dangerously steep, but slippery.

    WARNING: You need gloves for the steel cables! They may be extremely hot.

    If you are afraid of heights, as I am, you may have (some) problems. But I made it without too much trouble, but be warned, the mountain is pretty steep.

    Hiking sticks are a mixed blessing. On the cables you don't want them, but on parts of the slippery trail you definitely want them.
    Best have something to attach your stick too, when you don't need them.

    From parking to parking you have to walk along the road. It you want to make the loop that is.

    WARNING: Due to budget cuts, the park may be closed. So check beforehand.

    Picacho Peak

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