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Tucson - La Milagrosa Wash

Rating *****
length 5.4 mile - 3 hour 15 minutes (round trip). Moderate.
Height 2780 - 3300 feet
Access All Cars
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  • Hike into the canyon/wash. A beautiful scenic wash easy to follow and with lots of pools / rapids / falls.

    Follow the trail as in the La Milagrosa loop.
    Shortly after crossing the canyon wash, turn left on an almost invisible wagon trail going into the wash below.
    Alternatively follow the wash immediately after reaching it.

    Some parts especially the first part, the hike is more or less in the wash.
    Some small boulder hopping is required and you may have to jump over the water a couple of times.

    Later on large parts of the hike are over slick rock and easy to hike on.

    Hiking time: 3 Hour 15 minutes or as long as you want.
    Stay in the wash or as close to it, as you can.
    The right moment is essential, you don't want too much water.
    The end of March 2010 was perfect.

    La Milagrosa Wash

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