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Tucson - La Milagrosa Loop

Rating *****
length 6.3 mile - 3 hour 30 minutes (round trip). Moderate.
Height 2750 - 3750 feet
Access All Cars, parking along the road, just before the gate.
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  • Great canyons, on a fine, but unmarked trail that loops around the Agua Caliente wash.

    Hike past the gate of the gated community and follow the dirt road.
    At the end pass a gate up to the wash.
    There was plenty of water in March 2010 but the crossing was relatively easy.
    Follow the dirt road that runs to another wash.
    Close to the wash, an other trail turns left uphill. Don't go down to the wash, that's the return trail.

    At Xing 2 as the main trail turns left (uphill), go straight on more level along the canyon.
    Past a fence, the trail will go down into the wash.
    In the wash, follow the wash for about 200 yards downstream.
    Crossing it a couple of times.

    The trail goes left uphill out of the wash. It may be marked by cairns.

    At Xing 4 the trail turns right. When you go straight on, you will reach the marked Agua Caliente Hill trail.

    After a while you will see a tank below. At the tank turn right, downhill.

    This part looks a bit scary at times, when you are afraid of heights.
    But closer up, it is easier than it looks from afar.

    The only problematic part is the last descent. A lot of gravel and rocks, making it a bit slippery.

    Another wash crossing and you're back.
    Hiking time: 3 Hour 30 minutes.

    La Milagrosa Loop

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