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Sedona - Turkey Creek Crater Trail

Rating *****
length 3.7 mile - 2 hour 5 minutes (one way). Moderate.
Height 3960 - 4620 feet
Access All Cars, all paved (point 1), high clearance car (point 2). Take Red Rock Crossing Road and turn left. Park into a parking lot.
Other Trails None
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  • Hike the jeep track west (keep on going strait ahead), or drive with a high clearance car to [2] on the left side and park there at the parking lot.
    Take the old barred jeep track to the south. At a fork take the obvious trail to the right (southwesterly) on the left you see the Twin Pillars.
    At point 3, with Turkey Tank hidden to the left, starts the actual Turkey Creek trail.
    Up to now the trail was quite easy, this changes into moderate as the climb up the rim starts.
    At the rim [4] the crater is visible but not really impressive. Hiking further down the crater is possible, but not in short pants. The trail is not used regularly after this point.
    Hiking is possible all the way down the bottom of the crater. But staying along the rim gives the best views. Head to the east along the rim.

    Turkey Creek Crater Trail

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