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Sedona - Soldier Pass Arch

Rating *****
length 3.5 mile - 1 hour 45 minutes (round trip). Easy.
Height 4430 - 4900 feet
Access All Cars, Take the Soldier Pass Road (North) in Sedona to the parking of the Soldier Pass.
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  • Nice arches along the Soldier Pass Trail.

    Take the Soldier Pass Trail (Not the jeep trail).
    At the crossing take a look at the large sink hole in front of you.
    Go along the sink hole, keeping it to the right and go a bit uphill and follow the obvious trail going to the left (do not take the Jeep trail).
    Follow the Soldier Pass trail up to a car barrier/fence (E).
    After about 150 Yards on you right there is a wilderness boundary sign on a tree.
    This is the point to leave the trail to the right, it may be barred by some branches.
    An obvious trail, wide like a jeep trail goes uphill. On the slick rocks keep going level (north) as you see the wide trail ahead going up again.
    The trail narrows and you reach a sort of fork. Both trails lead to the arches, take the left one.
    Only examining the arches up close, you notice the arch.
    There are two of them close by, but closer doesn't always give the best views.
    Go back to the wilderness boundary sign and continue on the Soldier Pass trail uphill (to the right), for a better look of the arches from afar.

    Warning: The trail is more challenging close to the Arches, as your average Sedona hike. It is steep and slippery, so take care. Hiking sticks highly recommended.


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