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Sedona - Munds Mountain Trail.

Rating *****
length 9.9 mile - 3-5 hours (round trip). Moderate.
Height 5570 - 6830 feet
Access High Clearance highly recommended. Take the Schnebly Hill Road that turns into a rough gravel/rock road. Drive up to the Munds Wagon Trail Parking on the left, as you just passed the Munds Wagon trail head on the left.
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  • Views from most of Sedona and parts of Oak Creek Village.
    Go back downhill on the road for about 50 Yards.
    The trail starts to the left uphill (Schnebly Hill).
    Follow this easy path to the sign Munds Mountain, Hot Loop and Jack's Canyon and follow it straight on (going West).
    Pass 2 gates and at the last go straight on where Hot Loop goes to the left.
    As the Schnebly Hill trail ends go down 100 Yards to the crossing with Jack's Canyon and Munds Mountain trail.
    Go straight on, uphill on the most difficult part, a steep climb zig zag up the mountain. Then along a ridge up to a mesa.
    The Mesa is the highest point but whatever you do don't stop here but go to "I View" an easy walk. At this point you get a nice rewarding view of Cathedral Rock.
    This may be the turning point (3 Hours return from this point).
    You can go down (300 feet) on a 2 Hour extra return hike to the end of the trail.
    Rewarding is the beautiful view of Cathedral Rock and the rocks in the direction of Oak Creek Village.
    The last part is rather easy on mostly flat terrain with some trails going left and right made by Javelina. Lots of activity but nowhere to be seen.
    The trail ends just before the cliff and make your own path as the Javelina do on this rather open terrain. Enjoy the views.

    The first part of the hike is open (no shade), later on passing through more dense oak/fir parts with shade. On the Mesa there in not much shade, but it will be cooler because of the elevation.
    The climb at the start of Munds Mountain Trail is a bit slippery and steep so walking sticks are a nice thing to have. And if you are afraid of heights as I am, you may get some of it at this point.
    Past "K View" you are better of without short pants because of the scrubs on this less walked part of the trail. Nothing too bad and not very prickly.

    This is one of my favorite hikes in Sedona. Best hiked on a clear day.
    April 2009 clear sky in the mid 60's was perfect.


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