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Sedona - Loy Canyon Trail

Rating *****
length 11 mile - 4 hour 30 minutes (round trip). Moderate.
Height 4700 - 6410 feet
Access All Cars, Take Forest road (dirt) 525 Loy Canyon.
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  • A nice canyon / forest walk with a steep climb and views at the end.
    At the trail head first heading along a fence and a farm into the canyon.
    The trail is sandy at first, making the hike a bit more difficult but the sand gradually disappears and the footing becomes more firm.
    The trail goes along a (dry) creek crossing it several times.
    The vegetation; small trees and scrubs at the beginning and larger trees (more shade) further along the trail.
    At point "climb" the trail goes left out of the canyon and the trees are gone (no shade) and there is a view of the canyon below.
    At "climb" the path goes steeply uphill, until reaching "8 view point".
    At that point the trail levels off and a stretch, with more dense scrubs blocking the path at some points.
    For the last part shorts are not recommended.

    In April 2009 there where some annoying bugs/small flies circling our head at the middle part and where gone after "climb". They didn't bite but where just annoying.
    Relatively easy up to point "climb", harder and steeper after that. Up to point "8 view point" where the trail levels off.


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