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Sedona - HT Templeton Llama Loop

Rating *****
length 6.4 mile - 2 hour 30 minutes (round trip). Easy.
Height 4150 - 4440 feet
Access All Cars.
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  • Easy loop with lots of views, in the busiest part but still a bit off the beaten track. Suitable for hikers and bikers.
    Take The bellrock pathway in South East, right at the parking.
    Keep a bit right at the Little horse trail head.
    Over the wooden bridge take the HT trail on the right. Passing underneath the Highway 2 times until reaching the Templeton trail (good view of Cathedral rock).
    Go Left (south east) go underneath the Highway 2 times until reaching the bellrock pathway. Go right in the direction of Courthouse Butte.
    Go left following the Courthouse Butte loop. Don't miss the Llama trail on the left just before the Wilderness sign.
    This is the most difficult part to follow as there are many (unofficial) trails heading in a lot of directions.
    Shortly after the LLama trail head (100 Yards) go sharply right as the trail goes a bit along courthouse butte. In a dry wash go sharp left and the trail is again easy to follow as the busy stretch is left behind.
    Half way the Llama trail there is a short cut to the left leading to the Bellrock Pathway.
    At the end of the Llama trail go left on Little Horse, leading back to the car.


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